Welcome to our virtual sailing club (no boats, no club house)! We are a group of people who sail mainly through chartering. As members are spread throughout southern England we keep in touch principally through email and the web site.


LADOS (pronounced ley-dos) started life in 1994 when a small group of friends decided they wanted to do more sailing but didn’t know any other sailors. So the idea was formed (in a pub) to create a virtual sailing club to which anyone could join provided they wanted to go sailing! In today's email friendly world we keep in touch and organise ourselves on-line.


Since 1994 many people have joined us on trips and cruises. Some have been challenging (F7 to Le Havre), some have been long (to San Sebastian in Spain and back) and some have been out-of-season (Alderney in February). But all have been fun, offering people a chance to develop their sailing skills and get out on the water more often.


LADOS is non profit making and our prices reflect this.


The LADOS format is that prices include all charter and sailing costs and all food eaten and some drink consumed on board for the period. Trips ashore are at members' own expense.


We welcome new joiners, of any age or ability. We have quite a few lady members as well.

We encourage all members to gain more experience and increase their sailing skills.




We run short weekends Saturday to Sunday, long weekends (Friday to Sunday) and occasional weeks. We try to get out one weekend a month.


We sail mainly out of the Solent, but could sail from anywhere. Our normal summer programme includes regular trips to France, the Channel Islands and Normandy.


In recent times we have sailed to Spain, the Vendee, L'AberWrach, Dover, Boulogne-sur-Mer and the Isles of Scilly.


The age range is broad (one-third are female) with all sailing abilities.


Each event skipper (Yachtmaster - Ocean, Offshore or Coastal) is chosen for their experience or knowledge of the

proposed cruise.


 The Club objectives are:

Getting together a group of men and women who enjoy sailing and meeting others who enjoy sailing


Obtaining certain economies of combined purchasing i.e. better rates, no deposit, etc, particularly when negotiating with charter companies out of season


Building a group of members whose competence at sailing  is known or can be assessed so that competent crews can be  put out and each member will know that each cruise is commanded by a competent skipper


But also allowing for development of those with no or little experience.