As a change to our general M.O.  we're looking to sail around the UK over a four to six week period, split into legs and members can do a leg or the full round trip.


We will leave the Solent either on July 2nd  or Sep. 3rd (one or the other depending on demand)


 First port of call is Milford Haven then Oban, then on to Edinburgh via the Caledonian canal.  Leg four is down to Great  Yarmouth, with leg five, back to the Solent.


How nice if everyone did the whole trip then the skipper wouldn't have to rewrite the tea list every week (writes Salli).

The normal Lados formula will prevail in that we will provide breakfact, lunch (sandwiches) and some evening meals on board any meals ashore will be paid for additionally by individuals. 


Costs are being worked out but as one sailtraining outfit offering a similar package charges  £4000 (the whole way round and £800 per leg) we hope to be considerably cheaper.